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Lead Pastor

Rev. Michael Kendall

The Christian community, or the ekklessia, represents more than just a gathering—it’s a profound connection among individuals who share a common faith. It’s a place where genuine relationships are nurtured, where support and encouragement are the cornerstone of interactions. Together, this community delves deeper into their spirituality, fostering a collective understanding of God.

Within these bonds, there’s a commitment to not only personal growth but also to serving others creatively. Members become agents of God’s grace, seeking innovative ways to meet the needs of the community. The invitation is extended to join this vibrant and purposeful community, where hearts align, and together, they discover the transformative power of service, unity, and shared faith.


Michael serves as Lead Pastor here at Duncan Memorial. He enjoys meeting new people and discovering ways their interests and gifts can touch lives with the love and grace of Jesus. Michael leads best in collaborative ways, engaging the vibrant and creative ideas of a faith community, daring to dream and journey with God. Michael and his wife Kathy have three children, two are R-MC Yellow Jackets (Class of ‘23 and Class of ‘24). Their youngest is a middle schooler, involved in our Youth group. (If any of them get mentioned in a sermon he owes them a quarter!). Before arriving at DMUMC in July 2020, Michael was appointed to Farmville UMC which serves the communities of Longwood University and Hampden-Sydney College. Despite this, his loyalties are firmly with the Jackets of RMC!