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Director of Marketing, Media, and Technology

Christopher Kendall

On a Spring evening in early 2020, I was a freshman at Randolph-Macon College. That evening, I received a phone call. It was my dad. He had just received a call from his boss. He was moving, again, this time back to the Richmond region. No big deal, or so I thought… He then continued and let me know that he was moving to Ashland, to the church on the corner of my college’s campus (Duncan Memorial). At the moment, I was in shell-shock. I had left my hometown less than a year prior, and here he was, following me. Little did I know, however, this move (along with a number of other factors) would alter my career course.

As COVID-19 took over the world, I took over my dad’s online presence, developing livestreams for both his previous church, and now for Duncan Memorial. Now, I am a graduate of Randolph-Macon College, and I am working in a creative field, something that would have never happened without a nudge from God, space at Duncan Memorial, and a phone call from my Dad.

Thank you, Duncan Memorial, for providing me with the opportunities to grow my skills, advance my career, and find my church home.


Christopher Kendall has served on the Duncan Memorial staff for the past three years, serving in a variety of capacities surrounding Duncan’s growing media, marketing, and technology requirements. Outside of Duncan, Christopher is a graduate of Randolph-Macon College (Class of 2023), and now resides across the river in Chester, Virginia, where he works as a freelance video and photo contractor. A fun fact about Christopher is that he loves to cook, and loves to experiment with different ingredients in the kitchen!