Duncan Memorial in Mission!

Stewardship is not only about giving money to a budget, but a way of living and acknowledging that our entire lives belong to God and are to be used for God’s good purposes. Stewards give an accounting of how they manage someone else’s property. As Christ followers we aim to be responsible with our lives given by our Owner as we offer every aspect of ourselves to doing God’s work and being God’s people in the world through worship, prayer, intentional spiritual growth, serving the poor, strengthening the life of the church, inviting others into a life with Christ, and sacrificially giving of our material possessions. Duncan Memorial itself doesn’t matter; being co-workers with God through Duncan Memorial in mending a wounded world is everything! That is the awesome task and gift God gives to us!

Duncan Memorial in mission is really God in mission; we hope you will join God in the work He has for us to do here in The Center of the Universe.