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Mission Mart coming in December

Be on the lookout for the Annual Mission Mart program, and alternative gift giving program, which will take place in the colonnade at Duncan Memorial on two Sunday: December 10 and December 17.  

We will have 8 organizations that you can make a donation to this year. Many are the same as last year with a few changes. The goal is to provide local, regional, national, and international opportunities to which you can donate.

This year the organizations will include –

  • Hanover Interfaith Free Clinic
  • Ashland Christian Emergency Services (ACES)
  • Lunch Train
  • UMCOR US Disaster Response – Adv# 901670
  • UMCOR International Disaster Response – Adv# 982450
  • Daily Planet – Richmond, VA (
  • Westview on the James
  • Belmont Community Resource Services (

The newest addition to the list is Belmont Community Resource Services. Located at Belmont UMC it provides a clothing closet and a food pantry weekly on Friday to over 500 families. These families are a combination of walkups and drive through families. It is an amazing organization satisfying a great need on the south side of Richmond.

Questions: Contact the church office at 804-798-7224.

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